Bank BPH Interest Rates

Bank BPH is a bank in Poland that is also listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw and part of the GE Capital Group. GE Capital is US financial services company that is part of General Electric. It caters to individuals, small and medium sized firms and corporate customers and has a branch network of nearly 300 branches nationwide across Poland. BPH retail banking services offers savings and investment products including savings accounts, investment funds, certificates of deposit - SCD and structured deposits (international equity markets, commodities, real estate). 

Head Office Location: ul. Commodity 25A  00-958 Warsaw

Telephone: 801 889 889/ 58 300 70 01 

Swift Code:: BPHKPLPK 


Company Account Name Term Currency Update APY Account Details
Bank BPH Term Deposit1 yearPLNAug, 20142.20% Rate is applicable for a 12 month term.